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In the business world and online, things are everchangingYouTube and TikTok are entertaining places to find out what others are doing in the world of business. If you are looking for accounts and people who live & breathe professionalism, we found some that you should follow. 


Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee)

 Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee is a successful entrepreneur and a CEO cofounder of VaynerMedia. He is a 4-time New York Times Bestselling author. He hosts his own podcast, a docu-series, and a show dedicated to answering questions about what it takes to be a CEO and public internet personality today. 

With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 5 million on Tik Tok, he is one of the biggest and best entrepreneurs to learn from on social media.   

Gary preaches to go against the grain to pursue happiness. If you are interested in trends and consumer behavior, this is defiantly an account to follow. Here is one of his videos that explains all things Gary Vaynerchuk. 

WebsiteYouTube ChannelPodcast 


Erin On Demand (@ErinOnDemand)

 Erin Winters

Erin Winters is a brand strategist who owns a digital marketing and video production company. After working at National Geographic, she launched her YouTube channel along with her business Erin On Demand, to share her journey along with advice to grow her channel and inspire other young entrepreneurs. After gaining 100,000 subscribers within her first year, she continues to build her brand with over 200,000 new subscribers on YouTube 

If you are looking to grow your brand and stand out to consumers, then Erin is the one to followHer YouTube videos can give some helpful tips along with her website to get consultations on strategies, video production, master classes, and more! This video goes into more depth about what Erin On Demand as a brand is all about! 

WebsiteYouTube • Instagram 


Graham Stephan (@grahamstephan)

 Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan is a real estate agent who skipped going to college to pursue real estate at age 18. Now, at age 30, he has a successful business and YouTube channel to give advice on how to invest and spend money as a young adult. With over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Graham Shares his experiences in business and how young adults are able to do the same thing. 

Here is his condensed twenty-minute long life story of how he became successful without college, and what he had to sacrifice to flourish in his field of businessLook into his YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing more about investinghow to’s, and different ways you can make money. 

WebsiteYouTube Instagram


Lyn Allure (@Lyn.Allure)

 Lyn Allure

Lyn Allure is an entrepreneur who started an interactive business to help others start their own business, personal development, and financial literacy. Her business, Good Girls Gone Boss, allows customers to watch free videos about finances and entrepreneurship, along with resources to help with personal and financial growth.  

Advance your side hustle, personal development, money management, and learn how to become your own boss by watching her series on YouTube or visiting her websiteHere’s a quick snippet as to how you can grow your business according to Lyn!  



Mark Tilbury (@MarkTilbury)

 Mark Tilbury

Mark Tilbury is an entrepreneur who gives advice online to help others grow their business and income. He has over 4 million followers on Tik Tok, and over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. Mark left school at 16 and grew his career by starting his own business.  

If you are curious about how to invest, make more money online, what you should avoid in the business world, and much more, than follow his Tik Tok for minute long videos of how to be successful, or subscribe to his YouTube channel. Here one of his Tik Tok’s giving advice for questions to ask at the end of an interview. 

@marktilburyDO THIS TO BE UNFORGETTABLE 🤫 @tiktok_uk ##learnontiktok ##interview ##interviewtips ##millionaire ##entrepreneur♬ original sound – Mark Tilbury – YouTuber & CEO

WebsiteYouTubeTik Tok 


Kimberly Ann Jimenez (@kimannjimenez)

 Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Kim was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and after she and her husband started a small business in Georgia, she started to focus more on the marketing aspects of a business. She now runs her own successful business of digital marketing strategies to teach others how to grow their own ideas. She has her own podcast, The Business Lounge, which is also the name of her company, where she teaches classes and programs for online creators who want to grow their online business. 

Want to know how to monetize your small business without ads? Kim has you covered in this YouTube video. Learn more about business strategies such as how to find what you are good at, how to create your own content, how to build yourself as a brand, and many more tips on Kim’s YouTube.  




We hope that these accounts bring value to your business! If you have any other suggestions on accounts to follow, please leave them in the comments. Speaking of value, here at Direct Work Comp we pride ourselves on bringing value to businesses we partner with.  

On average, we save businesses 30% or more on workers’ compensation insurance. We love working with businesses to save them money, so business owners can reinvest back into their business. If you have any questions, please contact us at or fill out your free quote here 

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