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Review your Work Comp Experience Mod Audit 

Most businesses rarely review their workers compensation experience mod. The reality is that 70% of the time there are errors that can affect the experience mod.   

This one thing is the most misunderstood and costly factor in workers compensation insurance. 

Why not get a review today and find out? 

  1. If your business is overpaying for workers compensation?  

  2. If your experience mod is correct? 

  3. If the correct data is being reported? 

There’s a good chance you can reduce your insurance costs and instantly save money by getting an experienced Mod review.  

This process is FREE to you and your company. 

How the Process Works

Our proprietary process will: 

  1. verify if your experience mod is accurate 

  2. verify your claims 

  3. analyze claims for trends 

  4. show you your lowest experience mod 

  5. Show if you are overspending on workers compensation insurance. 

The entire process to review your experience mod will take very little of your time. Usually, only two pieces of information is needed, and we can do the rest to deliver you a detailed report with our findings.  

What are you waiting for?  

Get Your Mod Audit Today By Completing The Form.