In Iowa, the state law allows the following entities to elect to not be covered by workers compensation.

  • A Proprietor
  • A Limited Liability Company Member
  • A limited Liability Partner
  • A Partner

These entities can chose to exclude themselves from workers compensation coverage by knowingly and voluntarily making a non-election of coverage.

Prior to 2020 this non-election was made using a form prepared by Iowa Workforce Development.  Going forward this will change.

Now entities must make their election electronically.  Entities can go to the following website and make their non-election which will be the only way to do this going forward.

The instructions from the Iowa Division of Workers Compensation have the following instructions.

To file the form:

  1. Provide all requested information.
  2. The proprietor, limited liability company member, limited liability partner, or partner and authorized representative of the employer must sign the form by selecting the “Signed” in front of two disinterested witnesses, who have no formal or informal affiliation with the employer.
  3. You must click the “Submit” button to file the completed and signed form with DWC.

After you complete, sign, and submit the form, you will receive a verification email at the address(es) provided with the information you provided on the form to verify your submission of the form.

The information you provided will also be shown on the public list of persons who have made a non election of coverage.

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