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How to Report A Claim


scroll down to the "report an injury" and make sure you have your policy number & date of injury.


If you report during business hours, choose the report-only option (Option 1) if your employee does not need to speak with a nurse. If the employee is not sure whether to get medical treatment, choose Option 2 so the employee can talk to a nurse, and also report the injury.

Checklist of Questions to Ask

Before Reporting A Claim

  • Time, date, and where the injury occurred
  • Cause of the injury (Ex: slip, struck-by, chemicals, etc.)
  • The body part that was injured 
  • Has that body part been injured in the past
  • How did the injury happen (ex: on a ladder, lifting, etc.)
  • Any witnesses present: their names & contact information 

Nurse Triage Program

By calling the Injured Employee Hotline, SFM connects employees to nurses who will recommend the appropriate level of care

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