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Owning and operating an auto dealership can be a very rewarding experience. After all, auto dealerships offer customers the opportunity to find and purchase the perfect new or used vehicle that fits their unique driving needs. However, auto dealership owners also face a number of exposures that they will need to contend with on a daily basis in order to successfully run their business. This is why we put together an auto dealership loss control questionnaire. This questionnaire gives auto dealership business owners the opportunity to review risk categories specific to their operations and act to address those risks when it comes to workers’ compensation.

auto dealership loss control


General Safety Questions for Auto Dealerships

  • Are return-to-work initiatives in place?
  • Is there a written safety and health plan in place?
  • Is chemical safety training conducted?
  • Are Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) available?
  • Is there an eyewash station available?
  • Are employees trained on first aid? Is a first-aid kit available?
  • Is good housekeeping practiced?
  • Is there a hot work program in place?
  • Is there a formal training program for new staff?

Test Drive & Vehicle Sales Questions for Auto Dealerships

  • Do employees accompany customers on vehicle test drives?
  • Are employees required to wear seat belts for the entirety of the test drive?
  • Are there measures in place to ensure the vehicle’s mirrors and seating arrangements have been properly adjusted before the test drive begins?
  • Are there designated routes in place for vehicle test drives?

Equipment Safety Questions for Auto Dealerships

  • Has a personal protective equipment (PPE) hazard assessment been done?
  • Are employees trained on required PPE?
  • If applicable, is there a respiratory protection program in place?
  • Does the respiratory program include medical exams, fit testing, and employee training?
  • Are respirators inspected? Are filters changed out on a set schedule?
  • If supplied-air respirators are used, is the system set up properly?
  • Are ladders and step stools available and in good repair?
  • Are electrical cords in good repair? Do workers avoid running cords across doorways, walkways, and other areas that may create trip hazards?
  • If vehicles are run inside, are nozzles used that fit over the tailpipe to exhaust the fumes outside?
  • Are hydraulic lifts in good condition? Are they labeled with the appropriate warnings and weight capacities?
  • If manual jacks are used, are jack stands utilized?
  • Are power tools guarded properly and in good working order?
  • Is welding equipment in good repair?
  • Do employees who perform welding or cutting tasks wear PPE?

After answering these questions, you are on your way to successfully control your losses when it comes to workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, injuries on the job still happen. When and if they happen, you need the proper workers’ compensation insurance in place to protect your business and employees. Reach out to our team at Direct Work Comp – we save businesses 30% or more on work comp insurance and can help your auto dealership do the same. Contact us today at, or get a free quote here!

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