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Why do retail businesses need workers comp insurance?


We know a lot of working parts go into running a retail business. The day to day duties can cause an injury, like an employee tripping over a product or an employee hurting their back lifting the latest merchandise. With workers compensation insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your employees are taken care with potential medical bills & that you can not be sued by them in a work accident instance.


With high risks comes the potential for large financial losses. Without workers compensation for your retail company, you could be paying a lot out of pocket. All this out of pocket cost could leave you bankrupt or leave you less money to put into your business that you worked so hard for.


Retention of employees & employee happiness is so important in the retail industry. Direct Work Comp can help you set up a return to work program, give safety procedure advice, and provide counseling connections to keep your employees happy and healthy. These programs will show your employees you care, helping with overall employee retention & helping to reduce injury claims.


During regular sales periods, employees in the retail industry spend countless hour on their feet. When peak sales periods, like Christmas time comes around, this means constant running around and possibly longer hours. This results in exhaustion and the possibility for more accidents! Strains or overexertion injuries may be the result. Workers compensation can help with medical care, disability, wages from loss of work, ect. (depending on your state).

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